Creativity Kick Starter

At times, do you find your creativity waning?

One thing I have done to combat this problem is to get a large three-ring binder and use it to hold examples of pottery, art, and designs that I find appealing. Many of these pages come from  magazines, post cards from art shows, and even pictures I taken of various forms of art. 

I also have many examples from the Internet. When I find a site or picture on a site that I like, I print it, and put it in my “Creativity” Book. It’s always a good idea to print anything you find on the Internet that you want to eventually refer to later versus just saving a bookmark, because the Internet is very dynamic and the content you find today may not be available tomorrow.

I usually put the pictures in a clear plastic 3 hole punched sleve to put in the binder.  These pages hold up much better than magazine paper and can hold small clippings when a full page is not needed.

Over time your book may become quite thick. Mine has grown from 1 inch to 3 inches. You can organize the content however you like.

Then when you are looking or inspiration you can start paging through your book for new ideas or directions to take your work. You may find a handle you want to experiment with on your style of mug, or an interesting foot treatment you want to try on your vase. I am always amazed at the picture I find in my book that I have forgotten about. I don’t recommend copying a piece exactly, but instead try to take the essence of the style, apply your own style, and create a new form.